Blanket Roll Practice

This is a daily practice to help release all the muscles along your spine, as well as head and neck. It balances working out, sitting at a desk for hours, standing, being stressed and holding tension in neck, shoulders, and lower back. Try it each evening for 3 weeks and see what you notice!

  1. Roll a dense blanket up so that it is the length of your head/torso and lay it on the floor perpendicular to a chair or couch. (Roll does not have to be large. It is simply a reference point for your spine.)

  2. Place two bed pillows on floor close to blanket roll for arms.

  3. Lay down on roll so that your head and tailbone are on roll and lower legs (calves) are up on couch or chair. (knees should be at a 90 degree angle.)

  4. Rest shoulders and arms on pillows.

  5. Place a small rolled up hand towel underneath your neck (not as a pillow, but as a support for your cervical spine only).

  6. Imagine that all the muscles of your entire back body are "draped" over the blanket roll.

  7. When you are ready to come out of this resting pose, roll to the side and remove the blanket roll, then lay flat for a few minutes and notice the difference.