What style of massage is best for me?

I offer three types of massages: Table, Thai and Prenatal. Prenatal massage speaks for itself, but here are descriptions, guidelines and benefits to help you decide whether to schedule a Table or Thai session.

Table massage


  • Done on a massage table.

  • Tailored to each client’s specific needs.

  • Combination of different styles and techniques (including some Thai stretches, muscle compression, Swedish (what most people think of as a traditional massage), trigger point therapy, range of motion (movement), reflexology, and craniosacral therapy.

Book this style if: 

  • you have specific issues you’d like me to work with therapeutically -- for example: lower back, neck, or shoulder discomfort, “knots”

  • you just want to get on the table and relax and restore

  • you can’t go wrong with this option!


People report feeling rejuvenated, restored, relaxed, looser, and relieved significantly of discomfort.

Thai massage


  • Done on a floor mat similar to a futon mattress.

  • You wear either yoga clothes or something stretchy or loose.

  • In cooler months, Thai heated herbal compresses are used.

  • A Thai session is like taking a yoga class, but you are completely passive, while I stretch your limbs and joints and compress your muscles. Thai massage is often referred as “Lazy man’s yoga!”

Book this style if:

  • You have a few knots here and there, but generally want to feel looser and relaxed.

  • You have tight legs, tight hips, tight back

  • You work out a lot, don’t work out at all, sit at a desk all day, or are simply curious about it!


People report feeling completely relaxed and restored, and much looser than when they came in.


For more information, check out our post on benefits of massage therapy or book an appointment with me.


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