Revive your tired feet in 5 minutes

Do your feet need some loving care between massages? This is a quick and easy tip for runners or anyone who has tired, achy feet! 

Racket ball acupressure:

  1. Get a racket ball (not a golf ball, tennis ball or lacrosse ball). A racket ball is the perfect size and has just the right amount of “give” for this practice. If you don’t have one, remind me, and I’ll be happy to give you one at your next massage!

  2. Imagine there are 3 vertical lines from the ball of your foot to your heel: inside (from big toe), middle, and outside (from pinky toe).

  3. Hold onto something to support yourself (wall, chair back or counter), stabilize yourself with your standing leg, and place the ball on floor under one foot.

  4. Begin to press into the ball, giving your weight to the ball, to tolerance. Slowly move the ball down the imaginary line towards your heel (about 1/4 inch) and press again. Keep doing this, pausing to breathe during each press. (Note: this is a “pressing” movement, not a “rolling” movement.)

  5. You will find some sensitive spots* along the way. When you reach your heel, move up the next line, pausing to press and breathe, and so on.

  6. When you complete both feet, take a moment to notice any difference. People report their feet feel “wider”, “more alive”, “more flexible,” their legs feel more energized, and their calves feel looser.

Do this on each foot once or twice each day. It takes approximately 5 minutes. 

*If you have plantar fasciitis, do not press into the area that is inflamed -- instead work around the painful areas to loosen the fascia of the entire foot. (And, of course, come see me for some therapeutic foot work!)

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